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How we're different

  • Tired of being on waitlists?

    Get physical therapy today - no waiting, start now, and no referral needed

  • Don't have time?

    Save 4 hours/week without the commute, traffic and waiting rooms

  • Don't feel heard?

    Our PTs have years of experience and will take the time to listen to you and develop a personalized plan.

  • Want more 1-on-1 time?

    Each Shasta Health session includes 1 hour of 1-on-1 time with a licensed professional PT. No PT Aides, assistants or health coaches.

  • Feel cramped in stuffy treatment rooms?

    Get care in the comfort of your home with in-home and virtual appointments.

We work with your insurance

We accept a variety of insurances. Our concierge team will verify your benefits and give you a cost estimate before scheduling your visit.


What others are saying

The therapy I didn't know I needed!

I had a stiff joint for a long time after an injury since I thought it recovered and my doctor never recommended physical therapy. But after doing some exercises with my Shasta provider, I found out how much mobility I was missing. And keeping up with my exercises has never been easier!

California Patient

A Game Changer!

Shasta health has truly been a game changer for my half-marathon training! I was very quickly connected with the perfect physical therapist after sharing my goals through their intake process. My PT helped me avoid a major injury and successfully complete the marathon

Upasana P.


I felt an immediate improvement after the first session. My PT assigned exercises that were tough, but super effective. Shasta Health made it easier to connect with a high quality PT and get pain relief from home

Kapilan V.

Truly seamless experience!

Session was great! Loved the advice my therapist dispensed. Shasta's tools and video calls were really seamless to use too. Just one session solved my wrist pain

George W.

How it works

Physical Therapists

Get matched with a licensed professional

Complete a short 3-min intake so we can match you with best provider in our network.


Get 1:1 care virtually or at home

Get personalized care from the comfort of your home. Your PT comes prepared with a customized treatment plan based on your goals and schedule.

Engaging Exercises

Heal with engaging exercises

Get tech-enabled guidance after the visit that can help you heal faster. Message your PT anytime, and schedule follow-ups in minutes.

What we treat

Neck, Shoulder, and Wrist Pain

Back Pain

Knee, Ankle, Foot Pain

And More...

Expert Physical Therapists

Choose from a large network of certified physical therapists and providers

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a prescription or referral to see a Shasta Physical Therapist?
You do not need a referral for physical therapy in most cases. All of our markets allow you direct-access to physical therapy. Our concierge team will verify your eligibility when scheduling your first visit.
When and where can I have my appointment?
Our appointments can be online or in your home. We will let you know whether we offer in home care based on your zip code. You can use any computer or mobile device to join our online appointments.
Can I see the same physical therapist every session?
Yes, you see the same physical therapist for every session. We will match you with the best physical therapist based on your condition. You can have a mix of in-person and online sessions during your care.
Don't I need to be in a clinic to get physical therapy?
Well-conducted research studies have shown that both telehealth and in-home PT are AS effective as in-clinic care. If we determine that at-home PT is not the right fit for you, we will give you a full refund and connect you with one of our partner clinics. Our PTs spend a full hour each session, and you get care in the comfort of your home without wasting time on the road.

Take the step towards pain relief today

Your pain might be mild and nagging, or more serious, but it never seems to go away. Maybe you think it will never go away. It's frustrating because it distracts you from work, your daily life, the little things, doing the activities and sports you love. You put it off. The more you put it off, the longer it persists. Maybe you have given up on it. The good news is you don't have to live in pain. See what's possible for you and your health today. Get freedom from your pain, so you don't have that nagging annoyance stopping you from your busy life.